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Manquen & Lokau  |  Hardenbergstr. 19  | 10623 Berlin  |  Phone +49 30 852 03 71  |  | Office hours Mon+Tue+Thu 9-19 h, Wed+Fr 9-18 h

Law firm of Manquen & Lokau

Conveniently located centrally in “Berlin City West” 100 yards from the train station Zoo. Our aim is to achieve the best possible result for our clients. We listen to you and take the time needed to clarify your matter. All matters presented to us are evaluated on their merits, opportunities and risks based on our 34 years of experience. We work together with you in conflict and pre-conflict situations – wherever you need us. We keep your interests in mind, always reaching out for amicable solutions. In an initial consultation, you will be informed of the legal status of your matter and then you may consider continuing on with us as your legal representatives. We assure that you are informed at every stage of the procedures and we will coordinate all steps with you.
We advise and assist you in particular in the following matters.

Family law

Particularly in separation situations, the comprehensive and far-sighted counseling of a lawyer for family law can be necessary.

Inheritance and estate law

We advise and support you to insure that your meaningful and sustainable financial assets are protected before, during and after probate and inheritance proceedings.


Real property law

We advise and represent real property owners, or those who are on the market for real property, on all matters relating to the acquisition of real estate. That is beginning with the drafting of or consultation on the purchase contract and dealing with the recording of the property transfer in the land register.

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Corporate law

We advise and assist in the establishment, takeover and management of Partnerships and corporations. Our goal is to help you to avoid start-up and takeover errors with long-term effects.

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Certifications: certification of real property purchase contracts, bequest and endowment contracts, marital and life partnership agreements, inheritance contracts and wills, durable powers of attorney and Living wills, Health Care and Advance Directives, register applications (association register, commercial register), signature certifications.

Our office

We were both admitted to the German bar in 1983 and Mrs. Lokau as a Notary in 1995 (Mr. Manquen from 1997 to 2017). We represent you in and outside of Berlin before all German courts. We correspond and negotiate in the English language (Mr. Manquen is a native speaker).
Our office includes 4 other attorneys who are predominantly active in employment and insurance law, immigration and social security issues and serving as mediators.


Timothy D. Manquen


Born 1947 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, since 1973 in Berlin.
I was admitted to the German bar in 1983 and was a practicing notary between 1997 and 31.3.2017.
After studies in the USA, Wayne State University, University of Michigan and University of Maryland, I began studying law at the “Freie Universität Berlin” in 1974.
I advise and assist in the founding, take over and administration of Partnerships and corporations, acquisition and administration of real estate as well as the estate planning.
I assist and represent companies and private enterprises in all matters relating to commercial law.
My clients include, in particular, small- and medium-sized companies and individuals.

We work with tax consultants.

The support and correspondence takes place both in German and in English.


Viktoria Lokau

Attorney and notary

After the examinations (Berlin) and period of referendum (Berlin / Jakarta) 2 years as a research assistant at the University of Lausanne,
– Attorney since 1983
– Notary since 1995
– Certified Specialist attorney for family law since 2004
– courses for qualification and certification as a specialist in Inheritance and estate Law

– Family Law, International Family Law
– Inheritance and estate law
– Notary

– Association of Family Law in the German Lawyers’ Association
– Association of bi-national families and partnerships (iaf)
– German notary legal association


Our services are invoiced according to the German Law on Compensation of Lawyers (RVG) or on an individually negotiated agreement with you. If a remuneration agreement is concluded, a lump sum or an hourly remuneration can be agreed upon. The hourly fee is 150 – 250 €. The costs for initial consultation – as a rule up to 60 minutes – is invoiced at 120 – 190 € plus VAT. If we are further entrusted with your representation in this matter, the amount will be charged included in the final invoice. This information also refers to a telephone or an online consultation. We also accept payment via Maestro or EC card. In case of proceedings before the family court (divorce, etc.), we may also request legal aid for you.

Nutzen Sie ein erstes Beratungsgespräch, um uns kennenzulernen. Rufen Sie uns doch für Fragen und Terminvereinbarungen einfach an oder schreiben uns eine Mail.

Kanzlei Manquen & Lokau
Hardenbergstr. 19, 10623 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 852 03 71

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