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Fields of law

Real property law

Are you in the market for real property in Berlin or Germany, but don’t have the experience or local market knowledge in order to make a knowledgeable decision? Do you already have property in Germany and need counseling and guidance?

We counsel and represent owners of real property, single-family homes and condominiums as well as those who are in the market for real property. You can expect detailed guidance through all those legal stumbling blocks on your way to your own real property. That begins with the review or drafting of the transfer agreement including the registration of the property deed at the appropriate registry office.

We inform you of the necessary documents and help you to produce those in the proper form. Of course we crosscheck the documents for their legal relevance.  You can expect detailed explanation of the procedure for purchase or sale of real property in Germany. We optimize any drafted documents relevant to the sale or purchase and at request correspond with attorneys and representatives of your contractual partners. We accompany you to the signing at your request.

We do our correspondence in English and German.

Corporate law

We advise and assist in the establishment, takeover and management of Partnerships and corporations. Our goal is to help you to avoid start-up and takeover errors with long-term effects. We support companies and private enterprises in all matters relating to commercial law. If the takeover or the management of your company “is not going according to plan”, we are your contact. We also advise and assist with corporate estate planning. The support and correspondence takes place both in German and in English.

Business, establishment, take over and management law

German business? I counsel and guide clients in the establishment, management and takeover of German corporations and privately owned entities. Through 35 years of experience as a German attorney and notary, I have acquired a proficiency in those areas.

Do you already have a German business or assets? Do you need assistance with the management or issues arising out of the daily operation of those assets? I have the experience to counsel and manage that property or those issues together with you or on your behalf.

We also do the estate planning associated with those assets

We correspond in English and German.